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The Friends We Keep Bradley Trevor Greive with a special blessing for endangered species.
The Power of Compassion Bhikshuni Heng Ming and Upasika Kuo Tsai Round's edit of a Buddhist teaching story about having compassion for small sea creatures (in a book by Pamela Brown).
All My Relations Stories about the special bonds between species.
Horse Wise A worthwhile example of the ways in which animals can be incredible spiritual teachers.
Intimate Nature Fine essays reverencing animals as kindred allies and peers.
Living the Wild Life Discusses her career. her life in Africa, and her reading of the plight of animals in the modern world.
Bestiary A wide and fascinating poetic jaunt through the animal kingdom.
Caught in Fading Light An exceptional work of spiritual literacy that shows the marvels that can be found through questing.
Heart in the Wild Charts the author's struggle through a fallow zone in her life.
Build Me an Ark A memoir by one of America's finest writers about the kinship between animals and humans.