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The Great House of Birds Brings together 63 selections of myth, poetry, and natural history.
Black Beauty A wonderful film that is true to the letter and the spirit of this classic children's story.
Intimate Nature Fine essays reverencing animals as kindred allies and peers.
Amores Perros A searing Mexican film that depicts the toxicity of human betrayal.
The Souls of Animals Gary Kowalski on finding hope in the eyes of animals and others.
Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book Boasts a hero who has a mystical rapport with animals.
Totems A handy and helpful resource.
The Witness An extraordinarily moving documentary about an animal lover's crusade in Brooklyn.
Horse Wise A worthwhile example of the ways in which animals can be incredible spiritual teachers.
Running Free The struggle for survival in an African copper mining town, told from the perspective of a horse.