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The Great House of Birds Brings together 63 selections of myth, poetry, and natural history.
Black Beauty A wonderful film that is true to the letter and the spirit of this classic children's story.
Intimate Nature Fine essays reverencing animals as kindred allies and peers.
Amores Perros A searing Mexican film that depicts the toxicity of human betrayal.
The Power of Compassion Bhikshuni Heng Ming and Upasika Kuo Tsai Round's edit of a Buddhist teaching story about having compassion for small sea creatures (in a book by Pamela Brown).
Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book Boasts a hero who has a mystical rapport with animals.
Totems A handy and helpful resource.
The Witness An extraordinarily moving documentary about an animal lover's crusade in Brooklyn.
Horse Wise A worthwhile example of the ways in which animals can be incredible spiritual teachers.
Running Free The struggle for survival in an African copper mining town, told from the perspective of a horse.