Thousands of books set out to demonstrate the abundant wonders of the natural world. Listen to the Landscape is something special in that it weds the exquisite hand-colored photographs of Dianne Carroll Burdick with the elegant haiku of Linda Nemec Foster. The result is a meditative paperback that takes us gently by the hand and leads us into a fresh appreciation of landscapes.

Here are images of land and sea, trees and sky, paths and roads, fields and wildflowers. Foster's poems convey the simplicity of natural beauty and the places that mystify. Burdick's hand-colored photographs bring to mind the hazy, lazy days of summer. Both words and images speak to the primal emotions inside us.

Here are three examples of Foster's haiku:

New Language

Define bare trees — faith,
And the smallest of leaves — hope,
Whisper of wind — love

Three Worlds

Dark brown earth, our home
Cobalt blue sea, our journey
Gauze clouds, our longing

The Wisdom of Wildflowers

Always thrive where least
Expected: above the sea
Small lives on the edge