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Effortless Beauty Julie DuBose on the discipline of direct seeing.
Windstone A tribute to the beauty of formations created by wind and water in America's landscape.
The Spirit of Indian Women An exquisite collection of words and photographs of Native American women.
Eyes of the Heart Christine Valters Paintner on how color in photographs is a symbolic language.
Search Query Hilarity Engaging in the spiritual practice of play while finding pictures to use on S&P.
Shoe Fleur A gift book with creative and playful images of shoes and bags made out of flowers and leaves; see our gallery of pictures from the book.
If You Find the Buddha A playful meditative book presenting the Buddha in various forms.
Communion of Life Salutary meditations along with beautiful photographs.
Rust Jonathan Waldman on the beauty in an abandoned steel mill.
Meeting God An absolutely stunning and illuminating book that captures Hindu belief and practice.