This is one of my favorite practices. It's one that Sylvia Boorstein, one of our Living Spiritual Teachers, uses regularly — reciting, usually silently, these two sentences:

"May I meet this moment fully.
May I meet it as a friend."

This two-sentence mantra, says Boorstein, can be used "as a mood-setter, an incliner of my mind toward relaxing. In recent years, I find this blessing comes to mind naturally in times of stress as I go about my life." — from, 11/7/17

Here are two other practices that have the same effect on me.

Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes

"Take a moment to relax by simply paying attention to your breath. As you settle into a steady rhythm of breathing, notice that you may feel more centered and still inside. Take a few moments to just be in this relaxed state — fully present.

'Now imagine, if you can, what you might look like if you were to see yourself through God's eyes — through eyes that are filled with wisdom and loving-kindness, eyes that see with compassion and do not judge. Try to see yourself as the amazing mystery and pure being that you are."
— Estelle Frankel in Sacred Therapy

Growing Joy

Pause in the moment and contemplate this possibility:

"We can make the sorrow and suffering into a compost out of which the roses of joy can grow."
— Satish Kumar in The Way of Wisdom

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