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Simon Birch A rare and wonderful testament to the ardor and resilience of faith; in these times that is enough to cheer about.
Muhammad ibn al-Husayn al-Sulami in The Book of Sufi Chivalry Bring joy into the lives of your friends
Bagdad Cafe An exotic celebration of the beauty of human personality and friendship.
Touched by Love A family film that exudes warmth and promotes the values inherent in the unique ability of human beings to care for each other.
Stranger Than Paradise A whimsical picaresque tale.
Career Girls A convincing drama about two friends who try to keep their relationship together despite all the obstacles.
My Best Friend's Girl Explores the tangled geometry of two men in love with the same woman.
Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken Tells the true story of a runaway orphan who gets a job in a traveling stunt show.
Heavy Explores the same kind of territory pioneered in the short fiction of Raymond Carver.
St. Frances de Sales in Whispers of God's Love Friendship begun in this world