The late Vaclav Havel wrote that civility can only come about through the "complex, long-term, and never-ending work involving education and self-education." In this enlightening article from, we learn about the Aspen Institute which could be called a workshop for civility. In a variety of policy, public, leadership, and seminar events participants spend time focusing their attention on some of the major problems of our times. Civility is practiced through the "cultivation of the habits of thought, dialogue, and action." In this process, the common good is nurtured and nourished in small groups.

The Aspen Institute addresses the incivility of Washington's political discourse, the growing ideological rigidity of think tanks and other political institutions, and the distractions of the digital age which hinder deep thought. Self-awareness and self-correction are two of the major leadership goals which undergird these seminars. The Aspen Seminars also set out to foster among participants "lasting bonds of mutual support, accountability, and friendship."

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