Young people are brimming with vision and prophetic wisdom, and their voices are an essential part of conversations about spiritual life. Yet rarely are they invited to share their insight with other generations. KidSpirit, the sole spiritual magazine by 11- to 17-year-olds, empowers youth around the world to share their perspectives on questions of meaning in a spirit of openness and inclusion. Over eight years of publication, hundreds of young contributors from all backgrounds and traditions have expressed their ideas and aspirations about life’s big questions, creating a vibrant dialogue that readers of all ages find inspiring and rich for contemplation.

This blog features articles published in KidSpirit Magazine by contributors from across the religious spectrum. Some essays focus on a particular faith or wisdom tradition, some are rooted in multiple traditions, and some describe a unique personal journey. Throughout the year, we will publish pieces that speak to a particular event, season, or spiritual moment. In many instances, posts will include artwork by young KidSpirit artists.

We invite you to plumb the depths of these contributors’ creative work. Their observations represent a vital part of our world’s spiritual pulse, and open us to new ways of seeing and being in the world. Their words tap timeless emotions and realizations that many adults may have forgotten, or never even considered. As we are inundated with news of tragedies and traumas across the globe, many of us have grown increasingly worried about the future of our planet. KidSpirit’s young contributors meet our troubled world with optimism, compassion, and a deep desire to heal the rifts that threaten our shared humanity. Their words offer a bulwark against despair and call us to remember one of the most vital elements of spiritual inquiry: approaching eternal questions with wonder. For further information about KidSpirit, you are warmly invited to contact

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