By Yani Li for KidSpirit's Simplicity and Complexity issue.

Let our worries wash away
the nuances of complexity
Like stars fallen from heaven’s seam,
swept into the darkness of a sorcerer’s dream

Look past the blurry film placed in front of our eyes
Before we are strangled by webs of complexity,
drowned by waves of doubt, questioning, and futile dreams
Trapped within this dizzying infinity

Instead — there is the stark allure of simplicity,
containing a beauty far greater than any prose
Peel off the layers of convoluted words and monotonous conversations
To reveal the rich marrow of poetry

Halt time, and notice the magic in simple things:
the soft blur of street lights, swaying of trees, and buzz of fireflies
Wallow in past memories, sink in present beauty
With simplicity — comes tranquility, clarity, brevity

Seek not the false grandiose of complexity, because simplicity
is already a masterpiece

When she wrote this poem, Yani Li was 16 years old and a junior at Cranbrook Kingswood in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She loves to paint, read, and write in her free time. When she’s not expressing herself creatively, you’ll find her volunteering or on the lake with her school’s rowing team.

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