By Jada Rivera for KidSpirit's Reality and Perception issue.

The shadow-dipped universe stares at me
Its million glowing eyes never losing mine
It knows my mind
It knows my soul
We feel the pain

The stars burn above me, losing energy slowly
They keep my dreams
They blow my wishes away
Like a million little dandelion seeds
We watch them drift

I dip my hands below the surface, into the sky
I feel the stars among my hands and grab one
It burns, but no scars are left on my palms
I throw it back into its little pool
We exist together

The dark pushes my eyelids shut
I live amongst the constellations
I float with the stars

We are stardust

Jada Rivera is an Afro-Latina girl who lives in New York City. When she wrote this piece, she was 13 years old. Jada is pretty short and has a huge interest in writing. She can often be found with her friends, joking around and having a lot of fun.

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