Artwork by: Arina Stetsiuk, age 13
Written by: Konrad Tittel

The sun hits my boat
In blazing streaks of light
Before the storm.
A smile lines my face,
As I man the helm;
My path is clear as the sky is blue.

As the pleasant breeze glazes my face
I look up at the sky,
The magnificent sky, the divine sky.
The birds are up to their usual aerobatics,
Flying to and fro,
Shooting through the air;
The air is as light as a feather.
All is well.

The next morning,
I am half awake
When the storm rolls in.
It darkens the sky,
Darkens my eyes.
The wind is now my enemy,
Inundating me with its fiery blows.
The birds no longer comfort me
With their aerobatics and their melodies.
I am alone.
I roll into a ball,
Waiting for the storm to consume me.

I feel my body warming.
I open my eyes,
And my helpless gaze is met
With a hand gleaming in the darkness,
Reaching out to mine.
As I grasp it,
Its warmth fills my body,
My soul,
My mind.

As I stand, I see past the gloom,
Past the oppressive darkness weighing me down.
There, my destination lies, bright as day.
No storm will get in my way.

Konrad Tittel is a 15-year-old from Houston, Texas. Konrad is interested in math, science, and writing.

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