The United States Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a signature piece of legislation for the Obama Administration. Many are grateful for the positive changes in the nation's health care system this act has allowed. (The video below summarizes the problem and the solutions in the ACA.) Others would still prefer a "single payer" program providing universal health care for everyone; they note that 26 million Americans remain uninsured under ACA.

And so we pray this news . . .

Creator of the Universe
and Caretaker of the World,

Guide, direct, and sustain us
as we assess the benefits and
the remaining challenges in
the U.S. healthcare system.

We recognize that until there is
a single-payer, universal, and
improved system in the U.S.,
26 million people will
still be uninsured.

We are thankful that the
recent Supreme Court decision
on the Affordable Care Act
allows the law to stand.
We are grateful for the positive
and life-affirming provisions of the
law that assures needed help to many:
children with pre-existing conditions,
youth who can stay on their
parents' policies until age 26,
and seniors who are getting help
with their drug costs.

But we still worry about
those who cannot pay their
premiums and their medical bills,
and those who have forfeited their
dreams and even lost their homes
because of the cost of their care.
We have compassion for
those who do not seek treatment
for serious diseases out of
fear of the costs, and for
the families of those who have died
because they could not afford care.

Calm our anger and sadness
over the failures of our flawed
and unfair healthcare system
and help us to see the
Affordable Care Act as
a sign of hope.
May it be not the end
but just a step in the
transition to a better system.

Bring wisdom and courage to
our leaders that they will
stay the course towards
the day when healthcare is
recognized as a universal right
and we have created equitable
and compassionate healthcare
services for all Americans.


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