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Walking in the Light Offers a multifaith perspective on the way of health.
Gratitude for Nuts O Great Nourisher, we give thanks for nuts from trees. Study: Eating nuts can reduce your risk of dying from cancer, heart disease, and several other ailments, according to Harvard research publi…
Good Flesh Learning the lessons of the miracle of a cut healing quickly and other ways to honor the body as a temple of God.
Coma Genevieve Bujold in one of the strongest performances of her career in this well-done thriller.
Skin A fascinating and multidimensional overview of the body's protective envelope.
Good is the Flesh A thoughtful collection of essays for Christians to help them upgrade their views on the spiritual dimensions of stewardship of their bodies.
The Beginner's Guide to Forgiveness A soul-stirring audio presentation filled with wonderful stories about forgiveness.
Sex, Health, and Long Life Wisdom from this rich tradition.