African Wisdom

Proverbs are a mirror in which a community can look at itself and a stage on which to expose itself to others.
— Patrick A. Kililombe in Towards an African Narrative Theology

Buddhist Wisdom

Buddha said that someone who brushes against you in the street
does this as a result of sharing karma with you for five hundred lifetimes.
— Seung Sahn in Only Don't Know

Zen Wisdom

There is an intimacy and magnetism to apology and forgiveness that breaks down the barriers between people and draws them closer.
— Lewis Richmond in Work as a Spiritual Practice

Jewish Wisdom

All beginnings require that you unlock new doors.
— Rabbi Nachman of Brezlov in The Empty Chair

Philosophical Wisdom

Most beautiful in the world
a random pile of swept trash.
— Herakleitos in To Touch the Sky Willis Barnstone

New Thought Wisdom

The important thing is to be able at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you can become.
— Charles Dubois in Spiritual Divorce by Debbie Ford


What is frozen in me? What is melting in me?

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