Movie Line

Why is this happening?
-- Tilley in Tin Men

Zen Wisdom

Don't check your feeling; don't check your mind; don't check anything -- only help people.
-- Seung Sahn in Only Don't Know

Catholic Wisdom

Silence is God's first language; everything else is a poor translation. In order to hear that language, we must learn to be still and rest in God.
-- Thomas Keating in Invitation to Love

Buddhist Wisdom

Generosity is the classic expression of the accomplished spirit, when the self is open and unguarded and can freely share with others.
-- Lewis Richmond in Work as Spiritual Practice

Eastern Orthodox Wisdom

A still more important dimension of peacemaking is prayer -- prayer for enemies, adversaries, opponents, or whomsoever we fear, find difficult, or wish would vanish from our lives.
-- Jim Forest in The Ladder of the Beatitudes


There's many a good tune played on an old fiddle.
-- English Proverb


May holiness move in us
so we pay attention to its small voice
and honor its light in each other.
-- Dawna Markova in Prayers for Healing

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