"Once when I was hospitalized for some surgery, a local clergyman was visiting me. As we chatted, the stout middle-aged woman who cleaned my room every day came in to sweep the floor and empty the trash cans. When she left, the clergyman gestured toward the doorway and said, 'She's the healer.'

I didn't quite understand what he meant at first. But later, when I thought about it more, I realized that every time that woman came into my room, I felt better. Her quiet, unobtrusive presence as she went about her work indeed had a caring, healing quality. In the pecking order of hospital employees, she was undoubtedly at the bottom, but I would guess that in her own community, people treated her with admiration and respect. She had the power to change the whole feeling in the room just by being there. We don't learn how to do that in college or business school. That ability comes from faith, from character, from God."