Catholic Wisdom

Love and joy exist properly in God. They constitute the basis of all attraction — love is the origin and joy is the end result.
— Thomas Aquinas in Sheer Joy by Matthew Fox

Teacher Wisdom

When love first tasted the lips of being human, it started singing.
— Deepak Chopra in The Path of Love

Spiritual Wisdom
Empathy, compassion, and love seem to form a literal bond — a resonance or “glue” between things.
— Larry Dossey in Healing Words

Sufi Wisdom

Love is a continually expanding capacity that culminates in certainty, in the recognition that there is nothing in this world or in the next that is not both loved and loving.
— James Fadiman and Robert Frager in Essential Sufism

Psychological Wisdom

Sanskrit, that feeling-rich language that is the basis of most East Indian languages, has 96 terms for love.
— Robert A. Johnson in Lying with the Heavenly Woman

Philosophical Wisdom

I experience a kaleidoscope of emotions that range between desire and indifference, communion and isolation, contentment and dis-ease, boredom and admiration, warm communion and hot anger. Seasoned love is not a monotone of simple liking but an emotional symphony that includes discord and ambivalence.
— Sam Keen in To Love and Be Loved

Jewish Wisdom

When a person is filled with God’s love, all things become sacred, pleasurable and loving.
— Rebbe Nachman of Breslav in Miraculous Living by Shoni Labowitz

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