Hindu Wisdom

Wisdom is one of the few things in human life that does not diminish with age.
— Ram Dass in Still Here

Teacher Wisdom

Give yourself your own wisdom. You create your own suffering, and you can end it. It is as simple as that.
— Byron Katie in Question Your Thinking, Change the World

Jewish Wisdom

Wisdom is outside of time, embracing past and future in the timeless present. To follow Her is to taste eternity in this moment.
— Rami Shapiro in The Divine Feminine in Biblical Wisdom Literature

Philosophical Wisdom

Applicants for wisdom
do what I have done:
Inquire within.
— Heraclitus in Fragments translated by Brooks Haxton

Catholic Wisdom

All wisdom is given to us on loan.
— Thomas Aquinas quoted in Confessions by Matthew Fox

Literary Wisdom

Mistakes are the bridge between inexperience and wisdom.
— Phyllis Theroux, American essayist and columnist

Psychological Wisdom

Often the wisdom of the body clarifies the despair of the spirit.
— Marion Woodman, Canadian analyst

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