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Vesper Flights A nature writer's ode to the value of paying attention to the natural world in each moment of the day.
The Norton Book of Travel A survey of 2,000 years of travel writing tailor-made for armchair travelers.
Voices in the Air 95 poems encouraging us to listen to the many sources of wisdom all around us.
Robert Bly - Collected Poems A poem by Robert Bly on an encounter with a tree.
Hunter of Stories Galeano’s last book in which he encourages us to sing our souls back in sync with the Earth.
Whereas A rousing collection of creative musings.
Books for Living Essays on 26 books that have transformed a journalist's life.
Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal A snappy nonlinear memoir filled with short memories, charts, exercises, facts, and insights.
After Montaigne An impressive anthology of 28 essays in honor of Michel de Montaigne, the master of this literary genre.
A Reader's Book of Days Tom Nissley on putting together a calendar of literary stories and observances.