We are big fans of Victor M. Parachin, author of Eastern Wisdom for Western Minds and Eleven Modern Mystics and the Secrets of a Happy, Holy Life. In his blog dharmaroundup.com, he shares the following story:

"Musician John Lennon says that he first began falling in love with Yoko Ono when he viewed an exhibition of her art at her gallery in London. One of the exhibits required a viewer to climb to the top of a shaky ladder in a dimly lit room. At the top of the ladder was a telescope. Peering through it, a visitor had to make out the faint, barely perceptible letters of a single word.

"Though the word was small and simple it struck Lennon with a powerful insight and impact.

"The word was "YES." 

"Yoko Ono's artistic display was a powerful Zen type tool clearly demonstrating that getting to a "YES" in life means assuming some fear, some stress, some anxiety.

"Those willing to climb that shaky emotional ladder and look ahead are the women and men who enter bold, new chapters in their lives.

"Those who are unwilling — and sadly that's the majority of people — remain frozen in place and space."

This story is a great reminder that those of us who see our days and deeds in light of the sacred Yes need to spread the word about this uplifting spiritual virtue that brings us joy and energy. Tapping into the power of "YES" can indeed put your life in turnaround!

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