God appears to be very active in our cars. Christine Wicker, in an article on pyschologytoday.com, shares some of the "miracles" people have told her about their automobiles. Some talk about angels helping them find parking spaces whereas others have been speeded to their destinations by a force beyond their knowledge. Wicker notes that believers in the United States keep quiet about their car miracles whereas Christians in Africa love to share their stories.

Ebenezer Obadare, a professor of sociology at the University of Kansas,
looks at car prayers for spiritual fortification against dangers and perils on the road. A Nigerian prayer goes: "May we not travel on the very day that the road is famished." This prayer acknowledges that death is part of the cost of driving. Nigerians spend a lot of time beings stuck in traffic jams which they call "go slows," so they turn commuting into communing. Obadare writes: "An ordinarily desperate situation becomes a moment for sustained reflection, and anarchic time becomes an opportunity for quiet time."

Using traffic jams as a time for devotional practice is a good idea. For more ways to practice your spirituality in your car, see our feature.

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