In this eye-opening article in The New York Times, Sonya Lyubomirsky reveals some shocking details and insights into marriage. American and European researchers found that the joys and pleasures of marriage last only two years and then wear off. If couples are lucky the early yearning and passion can then morph into companionate love, "a less impassioned blend of deep affection and connection."

Scientific findings show that human beings are hard-wired for variety.
Lyubomirsky quotes the mystery writer who says the same thing: "The first kiss is magic. The second kiss is intimate. The third is routine." The article also shows that in long-term relationships, women tend to lose interest in sex because they are more interested in novelty than men are. The article ends on a positive note with the suggestion that married couples make an effort to reshape their relationship and make more space for novelty and surprise. An empty nest is the perfect moment to re-negotiate a marital contract. 

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