Soaking Prayer

"Lay aside all intensive prayer and reading. Lay aside intercessory prayer for a while. (God will take care of those for whom you pray as you rest.) Make your body comfortable and at rest, whether on a bed, a deep chair, on the floor, or on the ground.

" 'With thee is the fountain of life:
in thy light shall we see light (Ps. 36:9, KJV).

"Think of God's warmth and light surrounding you, as if you lie in the sun or a pool of water. If this image seems too warm or confining, think of yourself in a cool, blue lake or lying on the beach with the ocean waves gently washing over you. Or you may wish to think of yourself as an underwater reed, slowly swaying in the water currents, or as a flexible tree rocking in the breeze. Some other image may come. You may wish to let your own body slowly and gently rock from side to side as if you were being cradled.

"Or you may just wish to lie very still and let God's light and breath flow slowly and deeply into every part of your body, saturating you just as water saturates a sponge. Your whole self is washed in God's presence.

"This prayer can last for fifteen minutes or for several hours. Let it send you into sleep if you wish.

If you are seriously fatigued or ill, let this be your only form of prayer for a while — maybe for weeks. I have known people who were healed of illness while using this form of prayer. I strongly advise at least a few minutes of this form of prayer each day to prevent exhaustion."