Flora Slosson Wuellner, a United Church of Christ clergyperson, has spent 27 years in the specialized ministry of spiritual renewal. In this helpful resource, she offers advice for professional and lay Christian leaders experiencing the kind of stress, fatigue, and inner woundedness that leaves them feeling weak, depressed, and exhausted. This loss of spiritual vitality dulls the emotions, dries up a prayer life, and damages relationships with those closest to us.

Wuellner uses the Gospel resurrection narratives as a resource to inspire and edify burnt-out shepherds. She also includes prayers, reflections, and guided meditations as part of her prescriptions for healing and renewal. Along the way the author challenges us to listen to resistances, to be gentle with ourselves, to savor the blessings of forgiveness, to cherish Sabbath rest, and to stay with rhythmic spiritual prctices. Wuellner is especially cogent in her commentary on the dangers of being drained by the toxicity of those we serve or by forcing family members to bear our darkness for us. Feed My Shepherds is an invaluable volume for spiritual directors and church resource centers.