"Each of us carries an inner capacity for awe. One of us will be wonderstruck by a musical sequence. Another of us is rendered humble and serene by the sight of a butterfly's wing. Each one of these gateways to the divine is there waiting for us to use it to make contact. There are some things that simply make us happy, some things that we plainly and for no apparent reason love. For this reason, we say, 'God is in the detail.' Each of us experiences the touch of the Great Creator when we allow ourselves to touch upon something that we love.

"Because the part of us that creates is youthful and innocent, an ideal place to collect 'artist toys' is a good children's bookstore. Go to one now. If dinosaurs are your love, get a dinosaur book. If dogs make you happy, find a book of the dog. Make it a point that your bedside table contains at least one book on a topic that simply delights you. Delight opens the door for the Great Creator to touch us with a sense of well-being. You may love zebra finches or just plain zebras. Let yourself celebrate what you love and that you are the person who loves it. As you connect to the childlike part of you that loves and enjoys the material world, you are connecting to the sense Aristotle had when he remarked, 'In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.'

"Allow yourself to marvel."