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Julia Cameron A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Julia Cameron, poet, playwright, novelist, and teacher on creativity.
Imaginary Lives Counsel on feeling more ourselves through feeding our imagination.
What Is Your Ideal Beauty? Exploration of crafting a sense of beauty that is outside the norm and brainwashing standards of the media.
Winning Wings Allowing yourself to display a positive attitude even when you're anxious about flying.
Finding Water Julia Cameron on cultivating faith to sustain one's creativity.
The Vein of Gold Julia Cameron's salute to patience as a necessary ingredient in the expression of imagination.
The Sound of Paper Julia Cameron on the physical exercise of walking spurring the imagination.
Safe Journey Short and snappy chapters on spiritual ways of dealing with the fear of flying and with other challenges as we wing our way from here to there.
Safe Journey Julia Cameron on allowing yourself to display a positive attitude.
The Creative Life Julia Cameron on how creativity comes to us with quiet urgency.