"The Greek root of the word politics does not mean 'of the government' but 'of the citizen.' We need a new political gestalt in America: an expansion of the political arena to more accurately reflect not only what we do, but who we are and are becoming. Politics should include more than just changes in government; it should include changes in us. We are what America is. There are internal as well as external aspects to a nation, and to the process of societal change. From hatred, racism, and cynicism to hope, creativity, and forgiveness, both the inner and the outer America are now political issues.

"Martin Luther King, Jr., spoke often of our need to have 'tough minds and tender hearts.' He himself displayed that combination brilliantly. Many tough thinkers in America today lack heart, while too many tender hearts lack mental and intellectual acumen. Fuzzy thinking is just one step above not thinking. We must pool our intellectual and emotional strengths to create an elixir of healing for our national distress.

"We have the yang; we must reclaim the yin. We have the intelligence; we must retrieve our souls. We will find a way to put the two together. And out of that union will flow such power of personal fortitude that a revolution of good will occur in America, a reassertion of hope and nonviolent authority. There is a wellspring of love and wisdom in each of us, which is itself, as both Gandhi and Dr. King proclaimed, a powerful political force. Our only true enemy is not people or institutions, but fear-laden thoughts that cling to our insides and sap us of our strength. We must make a stand for our better selves. We must recommit to essential truths, both spiritual and political."