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Religious Vows, The Sermon on the Mount and Christian Living Opens up the Sermon on the Mount and gives fresh and bold interpretations of charity, detachment, and humility.
Christ the Lord An intriguing novel that covers the childhood of Jesus Christ from biblical accounts and the imagination of Anne Rice.
The Diamond in Your Pocket Presents a spiritual message based on the bounties that come with an acceptance of your precious essential self.
Wisdom of the Carpenter Pithy insights into this unconventional teacher's spiritual path and his inventive use of aphorisms.
Forgetting Ourselves on Purpose Spiritual takes on issues that are at the core of our daily life and culture.
Aging with Grace The fascinating story of how women in seven convents contributed positively to scientific studies on aging and Alzheimer's disease.
Emotional Genius Challenges us to reframe our emotions and see them as practical tools that can enrich and enhance our relationships, work and personal search for meaning.
Becoming Human A simple but profound meditation on the process of becoming human.
Performance Addiction Exercises and advice on how to free yourself from a life of unrelenting competition and comparisons.
The Enneagram Workshop Examines the nine personality tyes and their strengths, weaknesses and potentials.