1. Ask new questions.
2. Become more active in working on a social problems from a causal level.
3. Host a coffee hour or informal “salon” in your home and invite over some friends and colleagues to explore the inner meaning of events.
4. Assist organizations and individuals who are working effectively to solve problems from a transformational perspective.
5. Adopt a leader who is carrying the seeds of a vision for the new world — whether local, national, or international.
6. Create a home library of books, newsletters, and magazines that help people think about new solutions to problems.
7. Use every opportunity available to express yourself as part of the “public opinion” that shapes the consensus of what is real and acceptable.
8. Work with someone in need in a way that helps them overcome victim consciousness and develop self-reliance and self-esteem.
9. Help melt down the walls of separateness among co-workers, neighbors, and people you meet on the street.
10. Do something every day that symbolizes your commitment to the entire planet and to humanity.
11. Apply a win/win approach to the next conflict you find yourself in at home or at work.
12. Invest your money in one of the socially screened money market or mutual funds, or donate money to New Paradigm groups.
13. Study or write about the Soul of nations.
14. Promote a left-right synthesis on issues.
15. Choose a political institution or branch of government, local or national, and work at making it more responsible to the needs of people.

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