"Each of the great religions has a distinctive note, to be likened to the strings of a harp.

"In Hinduism it is the note of spirit:
a universe throbbing with divine energy and meaning.

"In Buddhism it is the wisdom of self-discipline:
quenching the fire of desire in the cool waters of meditation.

"In Confucianism it is reciprocity:
mutual consideration is the basis of society.

"In Taoism it is to conquer by inaction:
be lowly and serviceable, like a brook; become rich by sharing.

"In Judaism it is exodus from bondage:
the covenant of responsibility in freedom.

"In Islam it is the note of submission:
'Our God and your God is one, to whom we are self-surrendered.'

"In Christianity it is that all may become one:
'This is my body broken for you.'
'Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these.' "