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The Stirring of Soul in the Workplace A good case for bringing more of our experience and our imagination to life at our jobs.
A Shock to the System Shows what happens in the office when cutthroat competition becomes the norm.
Friend of the Soul Explores the meaning of our labors as a holy endeavor and as an expression of our God-given gifts and talents.
End of the Line Brims with respect for the fighting spirit of displaced workers.
The Workplace Revolution Experiments and movements to bring more meaning to the business world and marketplace.
Working Girl Kevin Wade's lively and funny screenplay gives Melanie Griffith the best role of her career.
Work with What You Have Contains many practices that can improve your present employment situation.
Party Girl A spunky and sassy drama about a young woman who tries to create herself anew using discipline and devotion.
Macrina Wiederkehr in The Song of the Seed The work can wait
My Cousin Vinny A clever comedy about an inexperienced lawyer from Brooklyn who defends his nephew and his nephew's best friend.