"Contemplative prayer is a major contribution to the diminishing of world problems of injustice, prejudice, health, and peace. If enough people progressed in contemplative prayer, they could reduce a sizable portion of the negativity in our world. The atmosphere of the planet has been filled with negativity from the endless procession of false selves that have peopled it from the beginning of time, including ourselves. But charity (divine love) is so strong that just a little of it can negate an enormous amount of negativity. A critical number of people actually meditating is an insight our Hindu and Buddhist friends also have. Contemplative prayer enables people to clean up their lives through the insights of self-knowledge that flow from such a practice, so that at least they don't continue to pour negative energy into the atmosphere. We would all do everyone on earth a great favor if we would die to our false selves and pour the divine energy of pure love into the atmosphere instead of the energy of our selfish drives for happiness. When contemplative persons get together in prayer, there is an enormous amount of positive energy generated, especially if they have been practicing for a long time.”

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