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On the Path to Enlightenment Rahulabhadra on praying tirelessly for the benefit of all beings.
AUM Joseph Bharat Cornell on the delight of seeing God everywhere.
Multiply Your Blessings August Gold and Joel Fotinos on how prayer partners help work each other's spiritual muscles.
Joy Together Lynn M. Baab on why the Sabbath is a time to rejoice in God.
Cave Refectory Road Ian Adams on remaining in one holy place and making the most of it.
Mary and the Catholic Imagination Wendy Wright on how Mary in her littleness and humility stands by the poor and the marginalized.
The Sign of the Cross Bert Ghezzi on the power of the sign of the cross.
Altars Made Easy Peg Streep on creating sacred space by building your own altars.
Sacred Jewels of Yoga Swami Vivekananda on standing aside and letting God work.
The Inner Journey A cogent anthology of interviews, essays, folk tales, and spiritual observations drawn from the archives of Parabola magazine.