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Praying in Different Positions A cure for boredom in your spiritual practice.
Norris Chumbley Director's Statement For his documentary Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer, an overview of Eastern spirituality in our time with its emphasis on prayer, silence, and living icons.
Before You Pray A way to remove unwanted thoughts.
Viewer's Guide on Devotion Reflection and discussion questions to use when viewing this episode.
Repeat a Holy Sentence When demanding religious practices are impossible.
Spiritual Arousal Committing to study regardless of what you're feeling.
Say One Word When you cannot converse with God.
Global Spirit - Sound of the Soul A lively celebration of spirituality, sacred music, and international solidarity in this coverage of the 2004 Fez Festival.
Light Exercise before Morning Prayers Preparing the body for devotions and service.
Prayers from Timeless Prayers for Peace Multiple Christian prayers for various settings.