"One day, as we were driving to Toys 'R' Us, Julianna called to me from the backseat.

" 'Mama?'

" 'What, sweetie?'

" 'I know where love is.'

" 'Really? Where?' I asked.

" 'It's in your heart. Try this. Hold your breath, and put your hand on your chest. Do you feel it beating?"

"I did as instructed. 'Yes, I feel it.'

" 'Love is right where the beat is. When you feel the beat — that's where love is.'

"Somewhat amazed, I asked, 'How do you know this?'

" 'Abba told me. She crawled into my crib when we were both babies and told me that love is in the beat of your heart.'

"It's difficult to focus on driving when such messages are coming from the backseat."

To Practice: Talk with a child about where love is.