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My Monastery Is a Minivan Denise Roy's story of her daughter's understanding about love.
Ciao, Professore! A diligent northern Italian school teacher and his attempts to do his job well.
10 Principles of Spiritual Parenting Mimi Doe with numerous ways to show kindness that can rub off on children.
Black Jack Probes the mythos about mental illness.
You Can't Say You Can't Play Presents ways to incorporate ethics into the classroom of children.
Child, Victim, Soldier Donald H. Dunson's story of Archbishop John Baptist Odama's request for forgiveness from children, before they were mature enough to realize they had been wronged.
Into the Arms of Strangers A deeply moving and inspiring documentary on the humanitarian effort to save the lives of 10,000 Jewish children during the months prior to World War II.
Wayne Muller A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Wayne Muller, minister, therapist, and founder of Bread for the Journey.
Jean Houston in A Mythic Life Capacities we never knew we had