"Naked Reality doesn't care about oughts and should-have-beens, but you do. Fair and unfair, right and wrong, success and failure, hopes and regrets make no sense to a Siamese cat. Such distinctions, however, will enter your mind. Welcome them while sorting the laundry and counting your change. To try to defeat them is to be drawn into shadow-boxing with yourself. Become acquainted with fears and disappointments and apprehensions, however disagreeable they might be. Let them accompany you on your travels toward your various destinations. Because they are going along for the ride, they can't produce detour signs to sabotage your trip. Keep driving on. Your companions will certainly help point out the scenery to you. And the bumps in the road will transmit the messages as you drive. For all your worries about making the proper turns, something keeps your vehicle in motion.

"Something causes you to keep learning, even when learning is not your intent. Your inner and outer surroundings keep teaching you whether you are prepared to learn or not. How kind of Reality to make our world a classroom! Sometimes we even recognize when we are being tested. Study yourself by looking about you. You are never too old to learn life's lessons because lessons always take place now.

"Something collects and filters information. Have you noticed that? Something turns pulses of energy into a glow of meaning. No one knows how that shimmering transformation takes place . . . just as it is taking place now."