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But God Remembered A children's book looking at the lives of eight biblical figures.
Carlos Castaneda in The Active Side of Infinity Faced with a situation that is the same
Difficult Relations An immensely practical story on how to improve and resolve the difficult relationships in our lives.
Awakening the Kind Heart Kathleen McDonald on regarding the person you are angry with as a mirror.
Blessings From Chaos and Messiness A prayer of gratitude for wounded leaders.
A Heart Poured Out A biography of the India-born monk of the Ramakrishna Order who developed the Vedanta movement in California.
American Teacher A provocative documentary about why teachers deserve higher salaries so they can flourish in the classroom doing what they love to do best.
Buddha's Daughters A sensitive and stirring anthology of writings by female spiritual teachers in the West.
You Don't Need Feet to Dance An inspiring documentary about a disabled West African drummer whose music and dancing enable him to transcend his woes.
Blessed Among All Women On women as spiritual teachers and as saints.