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Encountering the Wisdom Jesus An extraordinary audio retreat on encountering and sustaining a relationship with Jesus the wisdom teacher.
Relating to a Spiritual Teacher Thoughtful treatment of the guru-disciple relationship.
A Heart Poured Out A biography of the India-born monk of the Ramakrishna Order who developed the Vedanta movement in California.
Healing Lazarus Part memoir and part teaching on the lessons accompanying a healing journey.
What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality Challenges us to learn from our furred and feathered friends.
Tales from the Land of the Sufis The teaching stories of six celebrated seers.
The Kabbalah Deck Demonstrates how Jewish spiritual and mysttical teachings can enrich our lives.
The Wisdom of the Tao A collection of Taoist texts that reflect the beauty, balance, and wisdom of this path.
Dream Gates A twelve session audio workshop on dreams as sources of healing, awakening, insight and mystical meaning.
Sastun The incredible story of the author's work with Don Elijio Panti, one of the last traditional healers of Beliz.