"In the New Aeon, the secret of our Divine Life can be proclaimed to all members of all cultures, rather than communicated secretly from the sage to a few disciples. Writes Paul It is Christ whom we proclaim. We instruct everyone without distinction in the way of Wisdom. Swami Vivekananda complained that the Upanishadic wisdom teaching of Atman, our intrinsic nature as Ultimate Consciousness, had been restricted in India to small circles of advanced seekers. You are all pure Spirit, Divine Consciousness, Vivekananda would proclaim to American audiences at the turn of the nineteenth century. It was with similar bold universality that Paul proclaimed to everyone without distinction the mystical union with Christ, the intrinsic Christ Nature of all beings, the dawning of the New Aeon. As Vivekananda dropped certain restrictions of Hindu religious culture in order to communicate its highest wisdom to the Western world, Paul proclaimed freedom from the Jewish Law while communicating to all cultures the deepest promise of Jewish prophetic tradition, the Messianic dawning of the Kingdom of God on earth. In this way, an ancient spiritual tradition universalizes itself through the all-embracing ecstasy of an illumined sage such as Paul or Vivekananda. And Paul's realization of the Christ Nature can continue to serve this process of universalization. As Paul perceived in the radiance of Spirit no more distinctions between Jew and Greek, slave and free, male and female, neither can we perceive any fundamental distinction between Jew and Christian, Hindu and Buddhist, theist and nontheist, believer and nonbeliever. There is only one inclusive spiritual family, the Mystical Body, the secret of Divine Life lived fully through the planetary life of conscious beings. Awakening to this secret, instantly we enter the New Aeon."