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Becoming Like God A lively and creative explanation of the transformation of human beings into people who behave like God.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Presents the sweep and the grandeur of Teilhard's theology.
Rich Deposits of Mystical Wisdom Travel the mystical path with books by Roger Housden and Daniel Ladinsky.
The Inner Life An elegant and meditative introduction to the bounties of Sufism in terms of mystery, beauty and devotion.
Discovering the Feminine Father Bede Griffiths discusses the Sacred Feminine.
Ordinary Mysticism Shows how the resources of ancient Christian mysticism can undergird our understanding of the knowledge of God, freedom, conversion, action, and contemplation.
William McNamera in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection The highest focus of human attention
Jelaluddin Rumi in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection The two worlds are one
Honey from the Rock A clear and vivid interpretation of the ten gates of Jewish mysticism that relates these ideas and beliefs to everyday experiences.