se- = part from
-cura = care

"Oh, here is a whopper of a concept if ever there was one! People have stayed in boring jobs for security, in miserable marriages for security, even in religious traditions for security. Security is the reason my three siblings think I'm crazy for the way I live my life. The whole insurance industry is based on the illusion of security. Because — and I don't ordinarily consider myself an alarmist, but . . . there isn't any such thing! At least not as it's defined in today's world. The truth is that jobs can be downsized, marriages can end in divorce, and churches don't fall down when we leave them.

"The Latin roots of this word give us much more security that our current (and in my opinion, narrow) definition. It means, literally, apart from care, not in the sense of uncaring or uncared for, but in the sense of carefree. AND, it's a choice. As long as we keep looking for security from outside of ourselves, we won't truly have any security. The moment it comes from within, meaning that it comes from ourselves and not others, we are carefree. Ask: How can I be so secure within myself that I am carefree today!


faer = peril

"Many of us walk this world in fear, some to a greater, and others to a lesser, degree. It is one of the things that makes me sad about our planet. Fear is used as an excuse, a motivator, even a reason for choices we make. My favorite definition of fear although heterodox, makes it an acronym: False Evidence Appearing Real. We work hard to build a case in our own minds to justify our fear. Evidence-gathering is one of the most dangerous habits of humans. We can, with our magical minds, build a case for anything because we have the gift of consciousness, which means we can interpret our experience.

"The original meaning of fear was peril or danger. Admittedly, there are those who truly live in peril, but certainly in the Western world, this is less rather than more common. So I think fear is really False Education Appearing Real. We learn fear, and we can unlearn it. The fallout from my childhood eye surgeries was that I learned not to trust, and even to fear, what I saw. Years later, I realized that the legacy I inherited was a felt-sense fear of trusting my own body. Time and experience in facing my fear has left me with a deep trust of my body and what I see.

"If we were to take the time to look squarely and deeply at our fears in an effort to resolve them lovingly, I believe we could create peace on our blessed planet. Ask: How can I face fear and love it enough to heal it today?"