"As far as I could tell anger was simply a reaction to the fact that the world did not behave the way I wanted it to, the way I thought it should. Apparently the universe is not set up according to my agenda.

"Experiencing anger is so painful that we would rather suppress it or direct it at someone else as a way of keeping our distance from it. Often we look for a quick fix: 'How do I get rid of my anger without ever having to relate to it?' Yet deciding to get acquainted with anger is pivotal. That begins a lengthy process akin to becoming intimate with a person and finding out how to live with him or her.

"Becoming companions with your anger is a way to transform it. When you can tolerate having your anger around, it is not so intolerable. Anger loses its grip on you."

To Practice: Study your outbursts of anger this week and then find ways to befriend your rage.