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The Anger Diet A thoughtful and practical resource on dealing with anger in your life.
The Scent of Green Papaya A Vietnamese masterpiece about a servant girl's spiritual practice of attention and her mastery of the inner smile.
Blue Collar Charts the dissatisfaction, humiliation, and sad plight of America's blue collar workers and translates those abstractions into flesh-and-blood realities.
Awakening the Kind Heart Kathleen McDonald on regarding the person you are angry with as a mirror.
I Will Not Die an Unlived Life An inspirational work about the spiritual practice of zeal.
Clowning in Rome Profound teachings on four clown-like elements in the spiritual life.
Here I Stand A hard-hitting and large-souled memoir.
Emotional Wisdom A handy paperback that enables readers to work with some of the primal emotions in their lives.
A Little Book of Forgiveness This spiritual practice can re-orchestrate our lives if we only let the music begin.