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The Anger Diet A thoughtful and practical resource on dealing with anger in your life.
The Scent of Green Papaya A Vietnamese masterpiece about a servant girl's spiritual practice of attention and her mastery of the inner smile.
Awakening the Kind Heart Kathleen McDonald on regarding the person you are angry with as a mirror.
Blue Collar Charts the dissatisfaction, humiliation, and sad plight of America's blue collar workers and translates those abstractions into flesh-and-blood realities.
Clowning in Rome Profound teachings on four clown-like elements in the spiritual life.
Here I Stand A hard-hitting and large-souled memoir.
Emotional Wisdom A handy paperback that enables readers to work with some of the primal emotions in their lives.
A Little Book of Forgiveness This spiritual practice can re-orchestrate our lives if we only let the music begin.
Anger Robert Thurman on Eastern and Western strategies to deal with the emotional addiction of anger.