"All success, great and small, whether in spiritual or temporal affairs, derives from your stock of merit. So never neglect even the slightest positive deed. Just do it. In the same way, don't dismiss your little faults as unimportant — just restrain yourself! Make an effort to accumulate merit: make offerings and give to charity. Strive with a good heart to do everything that benefits others. Follow in the footsteps of the wise and carefully examine everything you do. Do not be a slave of unexamined fashions. Be sparing with your words. Be thoughtful and examine situations carefully. For the roots of discrimination must be nourished: the desire to do all that should be done, and to abandon all that should be abandoned. Do not criticize the wise or be sarcastic about them. Rid yourself completely of every feeling of jealous rivalry. Do not despise the ignorant, turning away from them with haughty arrogance. Give up your pride. Give up your self-importance. All this is essential. Understand that you owe your life to the kindness of your parents, therefore do not grieve them but fulfill their wishes. Show courtesy and consideration to all who depend on you. Instill in them a sense of goodness, and instruct them to practice virtue and avoid evil. Be patient with their little shortcomings and restrain your bad temper — remember that the tiniest thing can ruin a good situation."