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In God's Hands A children's book based on a Jewish folk tale about kindness.
The Art of Affirmation Salutes the practice of affirming others as an act of kindness.
A Revolution in Kindness Envisions what society would look like if people were kind to each other.
The Kindness of Children Demonstrates the spiritual dimensions of storytelling in the classroom.
Stop Arguing and Start Talking Persuasive comments on moving beyond debate to dialogue and down-playing the adversarial approach of today's combative culture.
The Dream of the Earth Outlines further steps for the healing of our ailing planet.
The Gift of Giving A discussion about medicine, mystery, and the elegance of life.
Simple Confucianism Much material on what goes into the full flowering of a human being.
How We Behave at the Feast Makes a good case for courtesy.
The Community of Kindness A wonderful collection of stories and inspirational quotations.