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Pocket Peace A teaching story about generosity and the true worth of things.
Holly W. Whitcomb in Feasting with God It is the heart that gives
Kindfulness Ajahn Brahm on how fault-finding undermines the practice of kindfulness.
Raising Happiness Christine Carter on praising children when they offer emotional support to other kids.
The (Un)Common Good Jim Wallis with an explanation of the Covenant for Civility.
The Meaning of Nice Joan Duncan Oliver on manners being a kind of diplomacy.
A Book of Courtesy A code of conduct based on dignity, thoughtfulness, and kindness that can be used in public and private places.
The Spirit of Service Two service-oriented professionals on the benefits of collaborative work and volunteerism.
Moral Teachings of Islam A treasure-trove of Hadish sayings about etiquette and good conduct in every area of daily life.
Practical Kabbalah Reveals the relevance of Kabbalistic teachings to the soul's journey in the world.