"This is no ordinary hat.

"What makes this hat so special is that it can change shape to fit my mood or my needs. When lying in the sun, I can pull the pliable brim down to cover my face. When I am riding in the convertible, it magically stays on in the wind! When I want to feel as if I'm Greta Garbo, I pull one side over my eyes and put on big, flashy sunglasses. The hat is for all seasons, all moods, and every single situation that involves sunshine, style, or mystery.

"My hat is divine, positively divine, and I mean that seriously. My hat is one of those details in life where I find God. God is hidden in that hat — some tiny piece of the divine is nestled in vegetable fiber that bends and moves and protects me from the ravages of UV rays (or a bad hair day). I feel close to God when I wear the hat because God moves with me wherever I go, in expansive, intimate connection. In every situation, God is working with my changing needs and experiences to bring about well-being for myself and all creation.

"Ah, Beauty! So perfectly matching the needs of those who wear You."