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These Seas Count A children's number book that reminds children of all the beings that inhabit the sea and encourages them to take care of the oceans.
Butterfly A delightful children's board book presenting 10 beautiful butterflies.
Red Sings from Treetops Honors the beauty and variety of the four seasons and the beauty all around us and within us.
American Plastic A cogent and troubling look at the money, time, and energy being expended by Americans on plastic surgery as a pathway to beauty, perfection, youth, and success.
Anatomy of a Rose A valentine to the beauty of these wonders.
Simple Living Charts their exit from fast-track lives in Los Angeles in order to run the family orchard in Virginia.
Lit from Within Salutes this enhancer of life and the various ways it can be nurtured.
Reading Zen in the Rocks Ponders the simplicity and austerity of the Zen way.
Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers A lyrical, brilliant, and sensitive evocation of the quintessential Japanese aesthetic that is filled with startling insights into the spiritual practice of beauty.
Mozart A brief but illuminating work about Mozart.