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How, Then, Shall We Live? A meditation to review your life and explore decisions and choices would be required to simplify it.
Art of the Western World A remarkable and enthralling nine-hour overview of Western art from ancient Greece to modern America
These Seas Count A children's number book that reminds children of all the beings that inhabit the sea and encourages them to take care of the oceans.
Girl Model A sad and cogent documentary about young girls exploited by the modeling industry.
Authors & Readings on Beauty Spiritual Literacy DVD Series Vol. I
Viewer's Guide on Beauty Reflection and discussion questions to use when viewing this episode.
From Beginning to End Robert Fulghum on the immense gratification of cleaning out a drawer.
The Beauty of Imperfection On wabi-sabi, appreciating the beauty of the imperfect, the humble, the modest, and the unconventional.
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Beauty Walk the path of beauty. Relish and encourage its inward and outward expressions. Acknowledge the radiance of the creation.