"Living and walking in the village each day was like walking into myself, as a loving plane of existence. I used to jog, run or walk through the village every morning just so I could get my loving pats from the village sites. There were the weathered pathways which wound their way among the adobe style structures, the open space in the center of the village, and the mountains in the distance. On early morning walks I used to enjoy breathing the familiar air. The fresh air, like a resonating intelligence hanging as a cover on the surfaces of the village, was delightful to drink into my lungs. Yet, each day the experiences were interestingly different and spatially new. It was not uncommon for me to walk into alternate realities unexpectedly. I would gaze at the light reflected on the golden micaceous clay of the adobe structures, or notice the play of the wind during the different hours of the day. I would pretend to disappear into the shadows and ride the giant trees, or be aware of what people and what situations would present themselves each day and quietly listen to what all of that was telling us. The energy was always shifting, was always different. The resonating vibrations in the sacred sites were always changing so that the people in the village were always alive with energy. These sacred spaces, generating life sustaining powers, maintained our integrity as a group, orienting each individual toward the community's highest ideals."