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Becoming an Intuitive Healer An audio workshop for health practitioners on becoming an intuitive healer.
Jewish Spiritual Direction Proves that Jewish spiritual direction is alive and well and heading off in a variety of promising new directions.
Listening With Empathy Empathy, listening, and service of others touted as positive qualities in the business world.
Communing with Music An ideal resource for those on a spiritual journey who want to make the most out of all their experiences.
Difficult Conversations Presents skills that can enhance communication between individuals.
Spirituality in Ecumenical Perspective Pays tribute to the life and work of Douglas V. Steere.
The Spiritual Life of Children Advises adults to seriously listen to the views of children.
The Intuitive Writer A masterful resource for deepening and expanding your creativity.
The Listening Hand Outlines her method for healing that integrates bodywork, intuition, and psychotherapy.
Listening Spiritual reflections to spark daily meditation.