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Rowan Williams in Where God Happens We all need training in listening
Practicing the Sacred Art of Listening A handy resource for polishing this important skill.
Smoke Signals This delightful film pokes fun at the interface between life " on the rez" and the dominant white culture.
Thomas Keating in The Daily Reader for Contemplative Living She is listening at a level deeper than her ears can hear.
True Crime A riveting and moral drama about an antihero who comes through despite all his flaws.
Final Journeys Maggie Callanan on the necessity for patients and caregivers to listen to their bodies' needs.
Mumford An endearing portrait of a wounded healer who uses his own experiences of pain and compulsiveness to help others.
Joan Halifax in Being with Dying A dying person may hear a still small voice
Radio Days Affectionately eavesdrops on the past and gives everyone a wonderful opportunity to re-imagine what it was like when this communications medium was king.
Robert A. Johnson in Balancing Heaven and Earth Safest when I let go of trying to control