An Excerpt from Windows: A Prayer Journal by Andrew M. Greeley

Andrew M. Greeley shares his spiritual practice of bringing all of his concerns, interests, fears, and obsessions to God via letters written on a computer. Here is a prayer about grace.

"My Love,

"Shea and I saw Nell last night. Super acting and some interesting commentary on human nature, not as anti-society as some of the critics claimed. However, any film that casts psychologists and the media as villains has a lot going for it. I viewed the story as a vindication of the dignity and resiliency of human nature. What strange creatures we are, capable of such extraordinary accomplishments and so many cruelties, of passionate dedication and of quick decline and death.

"However, the light continues to shine in the darkness and the darkness will never put it out. You lurk everywhere, keeping the light bright and sustaining its glow. We find You in the other, but, I think, even more appealing despite flaws, just as You find us appealing despite our flaws. So the other is God to us and reminds us of the God within us who loves the way we do — and loves the other too.

"A very clear arrangement!

"I love You."

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