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Andrew M. Greeley A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Andrew Greeley, Roman Catholic priest, author, and researcher.
Unsecular Man Andrew M. Greeley on his belief that most of us need faith.
How to Save the Catholic Church Andrew Greeley and Mary Greeley Durkin on the relation between positive sexual encounters and divine love.
Religious Change in America Andrew M. Greeley's story on the power of imagination.
God in Popular Culture Andrew M. Greeley on grace in communion of saints in a movie scene.
Love Affair Reflections on the strange twists that life takes.
Sacraments of Love Andrew M. Greeley's journal entry on grace.
The Catholic Imagination Andrew M. Greeley on Catholic grace.
The Catholic Myth Andrew M. Greeley on seeing God as a woman who a man loves.
The Great Mysteries Andrew M. Greeley on signs of grace.