"Do not say in your heart that you are better than your neighbor
because you worship with greater intensity than he does.

Remember that you, like all other creatures,
were created to worship God.
It was God who chose not to endow your neighbor
with the same abilities He gave you.

When you reflect on this,
you will realize that there is no reason to think that you are superior
even to an earthworm, let alone to another human being.

For like the best of humankind,
the worm serves God with all its strength and intelligence;
and the Torah teaches that the human being
is really as worthless (rimah v'toleah) as a worm (tola'at):
'But I am a worm, less than a man" (Psalms 22:7).

If God had not endowed you with consciousness,
you, too, would worship like a worm . . .

Therefore, think of yourself, the worm, and all other little creatures
as companions in this world
— we are all created things —
possessing only these abilities given to us by the blessed Creator.
Always keep this in mind."

— R. Hayim Heikel of Amdur, Hayim V'Hesed, #7"